History of C Programming Language

The development of C was a cause of evolution of programming languages like Algol 60, CPL (Combined Programming Langauge), BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language) and B.

Algol-60 : (1963) :
ALGOL is an acronym for Algorithmic Language. It was the first structured procedural programming language, developed in the late 1950s and once widely used in Europe. But it was too abstract and too general structured language.

CPL : (1963) :
CPL is an acronym for Combined Programming Language. It was developed at Cambridge University.

BCPL : (1967) :
BCPL is an acronym for Basic Combined Programming Language. It was developed by Martin Richards at Cambridge University in 1967. BCPL was not so powerful. So, it was failed.

B : (1970) :
B language was developed by Ken Thompson at AT & T Bell Laboratories in 1970. It was machine dependent. So, it leads to specific problems.

C : (1972) :
‘C’ Programming Language was developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T Bell Laboratories in 1972. This is general purpose, compiled, structured programming language. Dennis Ritchie studied the BCPL, then improved and named it as ‘C’ which is the second letter of BCPL.

Year of Establishment Language Name Developed By
1960 ALGOL-60 Cambridge University
1963 CPL (Combined Programming Language) Cambridge University
1967 BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language) Martin Richard at Cambridge University
1970 B Ken Thompson at AT & T’s Bell Laboratories.
1972 C Dennis Ritchie at AT & T’ Bell Laboratory.

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