Introduction of MS-DOS Operating System

Published on: 24th Nov 2011 | Last Updated on: 01st Jan 2012 – by Dinesh Kudache

The following are the key contents in Dos / Batch Programming using which you can get exact website structure of DOS programming. It is just like a sitemap.

•	Introduction to DOS
•	MS-DOS History
•	How to Execute DOS Commands
•	How to Create a Batch File
•	MS-DOS Commands:
	o	Assoc
	o	At
	o	Attrib
	o	Cd / Chdir
	o	Chkdsk
	o	Cls
	o	Color
	o	Copy
	o	Date
	o	Del / Erase
	o	Dir
	o	Echo
	o	Exit
	o	Format
	o	Help
	o	Md / Mkdir
	o	Move
	o	Pause
	o	Rd / Rmdir
	o	Rem
	o	Ren / Rename
	o	Time
	o	Title
	o	Tree
	o	Type
	o	Ver
	o	Vol
	o	Xcopy
•	Looping/Iterative Statements in Batch/DOS Programming
•	Conditional Statements/Control Statements in Batch/DOS 
•	MS-DOS Error Codes
•	DOS Programs / Tutorials

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