string.h Header File in C Programming

‘string.h’ is a header file which includes the declarations, functions, constants of string handling utilities. These string functions are widely used today by many programmers to deal with string operations. Some of the standard member functions of string.h header files are, _______________________________________________________ Function Name Description _______________________________________________________ strlen – Returns the500

String Handling in C Programming

String : A string is a collection of characters. Strings are always enlosed in double quotes as “string_constant”. Strings are used in string handling operations such as, • Counting the length of a string. • Comparing two strings. • Copying one string to another. • Converting lower case string to500

Structures in C Programming

Structures in C Programming : 1. Structure 2. Array in Structures 3. Structure with Array 4. Structures within Structures (Nested Structures) Structure in C: Structure is user defined data type which is used to store heterogeneous data under unique name. Keyword ‘struct’ is used to declare structure. The variables which500

Switch Case Statement in C Programming

This is a multiple or multiway branching decision making statement. When we use nested if-else statement to check more than 1 conditions then the complexity of a program increases in case of a lot of conditions. Thus, the program is difficult to read and maintain. So to overcome this problem,500

time.h Header File in C Programming

The header file as ‘time.h’ is used to declare date and time functions which are primarily used to access date/time for manipulations. Some of the standard member functions of time.h header files are, _________________________________________________________________ Function Name Description _________________________________________________________________ asctime – Returns string : day month date hours:min:sec year clock -500

Two Dimensional Array in C Programming

The array which is used to represent and store data in a tabular form is called as ‘two dimensional array.’ Such type of array especially used to represent data in a matrix form. The following syntax is used to represent two dimensional array. Syntax: [row_subscript][column_subscript]; Example: int a[3][3]; In above500

Union in C Programming

Union is user defined data type used to stored data under unique variable name at single memory location. Union is similar to that of structure. Syntax of union is similar to structure. But the major difference between structure and union is ‘storage.’ In structures, each member has its own storage500

Escape Sequence Characters (Backslash Character Constants) in C Programming

C supports some special escape sequence characters that are used to do special tasks. These are also called as ‘Backslash Characters’. Some of the escape sequence characters are as follow: __________________________________________ Character Constant Meaning __________________________________________ \n New line (Line break) \b Backspace \t Horizontal Tab \f Form feed \a Alert500

While Loop in C Programming

This is an entry controlled looping statement. It is used to repeat a block of statements until condition becomes true. Syntax: while(condition) { statements; increment/decrement; } In above syntax, the condition is checked first. If it is true, then the program control flow goes inside the loop and executes the500