Basic Structure of C Program

Structure of C Program

The basic structure of C program is as follow:

Document Section
Links Section (File)
Definition Section
Global variable declaration Section
void main()
    Variable declaration section
    Function declaration section
    executable statements;
Function definition 1
Function definition n

Document Section : It consists of set of comment lines which include name of a program, author name, creation date and other information.

Links Section (File) : It is used to link the required system libraries or header files to excute a program.

Definition Section : It is used to define or set values to variables.

Global variable declaration Section : It is used to declare global or public variable.

void main() : This is main function used to start of actual C program. It includes two parts as declaration part and executable part.

Variable declaration section : Used to declare private variable.

Function declaration section : Used to declare functions of program from which we get required output.
Then, executable statements are placed for execution.

Function definition section : Used to define functions which are to be called from main() function.

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